We Are: Mother Nature’s First Responders!™

Shreiner Tree Care - Mother Nature's First Responders!™ - We are here to help with emergency tree removal

Shreiner Tree Care is Here to Help

When storms wreak havoc on your trees and landscape your property, rapid response time and expert advice from our team of ISA Certified Arborists will make the difference in restoring your damaged property. Our arborists and fleet of specialized equipment is on-call during storms to respond quickly and safely to your needs.

  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Crane service
  • Hazardous Tree Evaluation and Removal
  • Canopy restoration Pruning
  • Insurance Claim Proposals and Tree appraisals

FAQ’s: Common Storm Damage Situations

  • Experiencing a power outage? Call PECO first 1-800-841-4141
  • Your tree is blocking the public street? Call your township.
  • Trees down on your Property? CALL, TEXT, EMAIL –Shreiner Tree Care
  • A neighbors tree fell into your property CALL, TEXT, EMAIL –Shreiner Tree Care
  • When a tree damages your property, such as fence, automobile, or structure, contact your insurance company to initiate a claim.
Shreiner Tree Care - Storm Damage Cleanup. Send us photos with your phone.

Fast Response - Easy Steps for Fast Storm Damage Cleanup

When contacting our office regarding your storm damage, please follow these steps:

  • If it is safe, take several pictures of your tree damage.
  • TEXT or EMAIL these pictures to our office.
  • Receiving the pictures help us quickly dispatch the proper crew and equipment.

    Shreiner Tree Care - Emergency Tree Service

    When a Tree Falls on Your Property....Who Pays?

    This is a question I receive often, usually after a stressful storm damage event. I’m going to break it down into a couple scenarios because tree location and situations can vary. First and foremost, defining property lines is important and it’s best not to guess. Get a survey!

    We train our arborists to examine neighboring trees that are close to the property. If we recognize a potentially hazardous situation, we will point it out to our client so action can be taken before there’s a problem. It’s a good idea to review your homeowner’s policy and speak with your agent to better understand what’s covered and what’s not. Working on the cleanup together is always the best approach.