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Let's Get Started

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Getting to Know You and Your Trees

We start by listening to your concerns and then visiting your property...


We offer 2 options to get started.

Option 1 – Meet and Greet

Schedule a date and time to walk and talk about the care of your trees. This brief meet and greet will benefit you in many ways. You will better understand how properly maintained trees provide value and wellness to your home. Our certified arborists can provide insight and direction on other aspects of your landscape which will further compliment the outdoor setting around your home.

Option 2 – Quick Look

Request a drive-by, after noting your concerns, a Shreiner arborist will stop by your property to inspect and evaluate your specific request. With your permission we can also look at your other trees and offer our recommendations for their care

All proposals are emailed and clearly detail the work that will be performed when caring for your property.

Our Mission Since 1986

There have been three constants at Shreiner Tree Care.

1. Take care of the needs of our clients: promptly and professionally.
2. Develop an outstanding team-based staff that we value highly and treat like family.
3. Provide stewardship of the environment and support the community we live in.

These three essentials have defined our past, sustain us today, and will guide our future!

We look forward to working with you.

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