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Protecting your Trees and Landscape from Winter Damage

Protecting Your Trees & Landscape from Winter Damage

Shreiner Tree CareWinter is a beautiful time of year with white snow and frozen branches. But as more snow falls, the wind blows, the temperature drops and ice forms, the end result may be not so beautiful. Being proactive before and after severe winter weather can reduce damage and help your trees and shrubs maintain their health.

The Problem

Snow and ice on trees weighs down branches and eventually causes broken, damaged and toppled trees. Unpruned or improperly pruned trees and shrubs need special attention before winter starts.

Pre-Storm Solution

Proper pruning is the best way to stop snow and ice from damaging your trees. Pruning to remove dead and broken branches and thin out the canopy helps reduce breakage.

Installation of steel cables between weak limbs may be helpful to reduce severe damage. The structure of some trees is inherently weak and requires an ‘artificial’ support system. Countless trees have been preserved when this tactic is utilized.

Post-Storm Solution

Shreiner Tree Care

Make safety the primary concern! Avoid walking or parking underneath trees laden with snow or ice. Have a plan in place to prevent injury to people and property that should include an alternate travel pattern to walk safely from house to car and a parking place away from overhanging trees. Always be mindful of branches weighed down by snow or ice as they may snap and fall, or worse yet, the entire tree may topple.

Do not shake the snow and ice off your trees or landscape plants. Frozen limbs are brittle and will break easily. Allow the snow and ice to melt naturally.

When damage does occur, call the professional arborists at Shreiner Tree Care. We are trained, equipped and experienced to safely handle storm damage.

Call now to schedule a consultation with one of our ISA Certified Arborists for pruning and cabling recommendations.

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