About Us

Shreiner Tree Care History

From our earliest days, there have been three constants at Shreiner Tree Care.

First, our outstanding team-based staff that we value highly and treat like family.

Second, a relentless commitment to quality for our like-minded clients that has us still gaining strength since 1986.

Third, from day one, the Shreiner Tree Care family has always had a deep respect for responsible stewardship of the environment. These three essentials have defined our past, sustain us today, and will guide our future!

We look forward to working with you.

Take a look at Shreiner’s history through photos:

Shreiner Tree Care history 19871987: Matt Connor and Steve Shreiner in front of the first brand-new truck, a Chevy C30 dumper.


Shreiner Tree Care history 19911991: A proud day performing tree work at Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery; a day of remembrance for our lost soldiers.


Shreiner Tree Care history

1996: Steve, JD, Bill Y, Chris M, Rock, Paddy, Mike M.


Shreiner Tree Care history

2009: Chainsaw safety being reviewed in our lumberyard.

 Shreiner history NOW

Today in action. Safety and care taken when working on your property.