Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Tree Fertilization & SprayingTree Root Fertilization

Our soil-injected fertilizer is dispersed throughout the root-zone area. A soil probe, with multiple holes, supplies water and fertilizer to help fracture compacted soil. Improving oxygen and water penetration into the root-zone area is essential for good root growth. If your trees and shrubbery have not been fertilized in the past year, now is the time to do so. Fertilization also improves the flowering of ornamental trees and shrubs.

When to Fertilize a Tree:

Mature trees should be fertilized in the fall unless a soil test indicates that additional elements are needed to help keep the tree healthy. Young trees can be fertilized year-round but are typically done in the spring – late March through early June. When a tree reaches the desired height you may want to decrease the fertilizer application to only once a year.

Fertilizer Material

Shreiner Tree Care uses a specially-formulated fertilizer that provides the nutrient needs for trees and ornamental shrubbery. It contains Nitrogen and Potassium the two most needed elements for healthy growth.

The value to you is that the elements remain available for root absorption year-round because of their slow-release properties. When soil test results show deficiencies in other elements, we add those to our formulation so that your trees and shrubbery receive what they need.