Plant Health Care

Plant Health CareInsect infestations, disease, weather damage and wounds caused by people all affect trees and plant health. The impact of these issues on a tree or shrub’s health differs. Some issues can be mostly aesthetic and the tree or plant will remain healthy for years, others can cause the health of the tree or shrub to deteriorate and eventually cause the plant to perish without proper care.

Shreiner Tree Care can help you counter these issues with a fully-certified and highly experienced plant health care staff. We aid residential, municipal and commercial clients to identify, diagnose and treat diseased trees and insect infestations through science and a carefully planned course of action. Our team offers a full range of tree and plant care services.

  • Tree disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Tree insect and pest infestation identification and treatment
  • Tree and shrub fertilization and protective spraying
  • Tree Safety Inspections
  • Complete consultations outlining every step of the process