Landscape Planting

Beautiful gardens do not happen by chance. They are created through proper site planning and careful selection of quality plant materials. Soil samples and testing are an important part in considering what plants to choose. Our horticultural staff can provide guidance for planting ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers.

We work regularly with area arboretums and landscape architects to develop magnificent landscapes. Our arborists understand and execute proper planting according to the industry’s current standards that will help ensure years of beauty and enjoyment.


Stump Grinding Repair

Stump Grinding Landscape RepairWe haul away all of the grindings from the stump and replace with fresh soil to level out the grade in your residential landscape. We can use grass seed or sod depending on your timeline and preference. Our expert landscaping crew has extensive experience and will get your yard back to beauty in no time.

Do you want to replant a new tree in the existing hole? This is the most common request we see. We can help you choose a replacement tree or install the one you have chosen. It’s your choice!

Building a New Landscape?

When important and valuable trees and shrubs have outgrown their location or need to be moved to integrate into a new landscape design, Shreiner Tree Care  arborists can advise you about transplanting. Relocating existing plants requires specialized knowledge, skill and experience to ensure they will flourish in their new location. Both hand-digging and mechanical methods are used to retain roots which help re-establish the transplanted tree or shrub. Considerations for transplanting include size, value of the tree or shrub, new location and the logistics of the effort.

Would You Like More Privacy?

privacy-screening-plantsA variety of plants can be used to create a boundary between you and other surrounding homes. Installing plants along a property line or around a pool not only creates a privacy fence, but it also enhances the overall look of your residence and landscape.

Our arborists will help you choose the appropriate trees and/or shrubs for your property’s specific needs. With your specifications they will design a layout for the screening that will not only give you the privacy you desire, but will also add natural beauty to the property.