Tree Removal

Shreiner Tree Care arborists utilize their experience and modern equipment to safely remove trees in even the most challenging situations. We protect existing structures, cover lawns, driveways and walkways with protective matting and safely execute tree removals with skill and care.

commercial-tree-removalTree removal services eliminate dead, failing and dangerous trees. Tree removals can also reduce competition for sunlight and space so that the remaining trees and shrubs are better able to grow. Trees may also be removed to allow for new construction and business expansions.

We focus on keeping trees healthy but sometimes it is necessary to recommend removal. Tree removal or takedown is the most dangerous aspect of tree care. Our modern equipment and training allows us to remove trees safely in any area of your business property. Our focus on safety and property preservation provides you with a sense of confidence.

Reasons for Tree Removal

  • commercial-tree-removal-serviceThe selective removal of healthy trees from a crowded area provides space for remaining trees to grow properly.
  • The removal of nuisance trees can open up a place to replant a young, vigorous tree that can contribute to the beauty of your business.
  • Sometimes a tree’s issues are so advanced that pruning, cabling and chemical treatments are not an option. When a hazardous tree must be removed to avoid property damage and personal injury, we will work meticulously to eliminate the liability and ease your safety concerns.
  • No one likes expensive surprises. With regular inspections we can help you identify hazardous trees and plan ahead for their removal.
  • The remaining stumps can be ground down below grade and a new tree can often be planted in the same place. We grind stumps with specially designed equipment, and no stump is too big or too small.