Stump Removal

stump-grinding-removalFor many years it was thought that tree stump removal was only an optional part of the tree removal process. However, current research indicates that grinding out tree stumps will reduce the chance of other trees in your landscape from becoming infected with decaying fungus on a nearby stump. Stumps that remain after a tree removal can become infected with wood decay fungi which become airborne and infect surrounding healthy trees.

Here are a few questions to ask when you need a local tree service or arborist to remove a tree stump:

How deep will the stump grinder remove the tree stump?
Shreiner Tree Care’s stump grinders reach a depth of 2 feet deep. Although most stumps are not that deep, it allows us to reach deep enough to grind out the entire stump, every time.

Will the arborist, or tree service, haul away the wood chips?
Shreiner Tree Care offers three stump grinding options:

    1. Grind entire stump and roots, leaving the entire pile of chips and grindings for you or your landscaper to clean up.
    2. Grind entire stump and roots, removing most of the chips and grindings and leaving the remaining surface level with the surrounding area.
    3. Grind entire stump and roots, removing all chips and grindings replacing with soil and grass seed or replacing with a new plant or tree.

commercial tree-stump-grindingIs the arborist going to contact phone and utility companies to locate underground wires or pipes?
Yes. Shreiner Tree care will contact all local utility companies for a “Mark Out”. The local utility companies will come to your property and use landscape flags and/or marking paint to indicate where the utilities are on your property.

What else should I keep in mind when removing a tree stump?
Whichever stump removal option you choose, let your arborist know if you want to replant a tree in the same spot or if you are planning to reseed the stump area with grass.

It is also important to advise the arborist, or tree service, of any known underground obstructions such as gas lines for outdoor grills, septic fields, underground dog fences, irrigation lines, etc.