How Leaves Change Color

Autumn is the season that brings us cooler nights, shorter days and an abundance of breathtaking colors. Each year the forests of the North Eastern United States are filled with the most beautiful colors. For many of us who call this part of the country home, it’s the best time of the year. Many tree … Read more

Mother Nature’s First Responders!™

Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup and Tree Removal… Shreiner Tree Care is ON CALL 24/7 – 365 If you have been living on the Main Line for some time, you have probably seen damaging effects caused by ice storms, heavy snow falls, wind damage and those late afternoon thunderstorms in the summer. These storms can cause … Read more

Now is the time to evaluate your trees

Call to have one of our Arborists stop by and evaluate the condition of your trees. – Trimming limbs back from your home reduces damage and power outages.   –  Pruning preserves the safety, health and beauty of your trees and landscape.   –  Weak trees prone to storm damage can be identified and removed safely.   … Read more

Damaging Effects of Salt on Plants & Trees


Most people are aware of the corrosive effects of salt on cars and trucks but may not be aware of the damage that winter salt from roads and walkways causes to trees and plants.  When salty road spray from passing vehicles and plows contacts trees and plants, the salt enters plants through the cells. Buds … Read more

Protecting Your Trees & Landscape from Winter Damage

Winter is a beautiful time of year with white snow and frozen branches. But as more snow falls, the wind blows, the temperature drops and ice forms, the end result may be not so beautiful. Being proactive before and after severe winter weather can reduce damage and help your trees and shrubs maintain their health. … Read more